Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Disctinctly Heathen Problem

I've come to a very interesting realization the other day. We were having thunderstorms around my house, which sadly necessitates the unplugging of electronics and lack of internet to keep an Alchemist busy. Now, as some may know, I'm an Asatruar and live and work with the Norse gods. So I realized, that I had someone personal I could gripe too about this problem of lacking my internet due to thunderstorms.

And then I remembered that Thor only really makes storms like that when he's fighting with something. Like the forces of Chaos.

Well, so much for complaining. That's like telling the guy trying to keep you safe that he's being to noisy with his hand cannon.

And so I have come to peace with the storms that means I have to get off my computer.

So, why is this a thing distinctly Heathen? Well, when one is dealing with the Monotheistic God whose name is unknown to even his most trusted followers, it is hard to personify It/Him/Her. Indeed, the supposed omnipotence only contributes to the difficulty. After all, when everything is controlled by one entity, it stops being personal and becomes a simple part of a system. I'm sure there are many monotheists who would disagree with me and argue that the omniscience permits their god to be as personal in his duties, but I find that hard to grasp. Listening to many Monotheists talk, it seems they feel the distance too. With Jews, I've heard that such things are discussed, but among Christians and Muslims, on average, there is very much that distance.

So rejoice, my Heathen and Pagan folk, for we can know our gods far better than anyone else.